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The on-line course will start in November.


If you are a bachelor, master or doctoral student and would like to learn more in the field of sustainability and circular economy under the guidance of the best experts from the top technical universities in Poland, specialists from industry and public organisations, this course is just for you.


Don't miss the chance to gain new competences, build your CV and become a game-changer in raw materials sector.


Registration ends on the 10th of November 2020. Don't miss the deadline.


Since the number of participants is limited, sign up now. Fill in the application form and become

a part of a sustainable future.

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RMs Manager Winter School

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The RMs Manager Winter School is a 3-day online course in creativity & ideation skills for challenged-based innovation. Driven by circular economy and sustainability principles, students will be able to complement their academic profile and professional competences by gaining practical skills highly demanded by the labour market and needed by all innovation professionals in the field of raw materials and natural resources management.

The pilot course “RMsManager” organized by the Technical University in Košice and co-financed by EIT RawMaterials, which will be held online via e-learning platform Moodle in English.


The aim of the course is to introduce and promote circular economy and sustainable development solutions in raw materials sector and to develop managerial skills.



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If you are interested in business transition towards circular economy and looking for new, sustainable ideas for improving or expanding your business, join the discussion with five different business cases in the online event.




The online event will be arranged on November 12, 2020 at 13:00-15:00 (EET). The event is free of charge, but registration is required.


BizMet Academy is an education program arranged as part of the EIT Raw Materials funded BizMet project.


BizMet SME Workshop:

RMsManager – Pilot-TUKE course 

7th edition of the conference

„Young Researchers’ Innovative Ideas:

Science – Start-Ups – Industry” 2021

First edition is over!

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We would like to invite for the next editions of our programme.


On 3rd of February, the first edition of the RMs Raw Materials Manager Course finished. This year’s edition met with great interest on the part of the participants, surprising the organizers with the number of applications. About 100 students from Europe, and other parts of the Globe, took part in the workshops that aimed to deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding of corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and management, responsible mining, global RMs distribution principles and processes, as well as greater adoption of clean and environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes in the era of transformation to circular economy model in Europe.




The Course ended with the preparation of case studies culminating in team-based presentations, which stood out especially in terms of the level and the enthusiasm with which their authors approached the issue of sustainable development and circular economy practices. Not only does it prove the growing interest in the programme itself, but also the growing importance of pro-environmental ideas and soft-skills in the world of green transformation.


We would like to thank all the participants for their active involvement and insightful presentations, congratulations! Go and lead the world to the sustainable future!




First edition is over!


28th May 2021, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM CET


‘Mining company in the face of risk management challenges - operating, market and investment activities’

7th Conference ‘Young Researchers’ Innovative Ideas:
Science - Start-Ups - Industry’


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Extension of the deadline


The deadline for submitting presentations has been extended.

The competition is organized within the RAW MATERIALS MANAGER WORKSHOP II. To successfully complete the workshop, students need to prepare a presentation on one of the presented topic, which will be evaluated by the panel of experts.

New deadline is 31st of July.